Lace up On Trend

I own quite a few bits already,
and I’m talking about one of the massive latest trends: LACE UP!
If you have been around shops lately or just if you have been browsing online, you know what I am talking about.
Lace up dresses, lace up crop tops, sweaters with lace ups on the side, lace up heels… yes. You got the idea. And I basically surrounded myself with lace up items… well, you will see more of this trend for sure on my blog soon.
I love when the details are cute as well on lace up tops, such as this one I am wearing in these pictures. The golden clips make it look chic!
Lace up items can make an outfit stand out and make it more original. I like to keep the accessories minimal but visible, such as a set of rings, a choker and a pair of glasses (or sunnies).

If I am wearing lace up shoes the outfit has to be layered to look as trendy as possible. For example, I would wear a longline jacket over my shoulders to make the heels stand out more.

What are your tips for a lace up look?


Glasses: H&M
Photos by theweirdycat






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