Girls can do anything!

Sometimes social media can be quite the lead,
and I cannot be more happy when it’s about empowering topics as this one. Girl Power! 
Growing up watching Sailor Moon and later Buffy the Vampire Slayer and then Gilmore Girls, I have always been a fan of independent, brave, intelligent women who could be clumsy and cute at the same time as full of energy and sense of humor. 
Those are the women that inspire me every day and I could find them in real life too. Everywhere we can see these women. It’s not anymore the times where women sit at home all day, doing nothing. Women get to have power these days and make their own choices. They can follow their dreams, they can be leaders, along with a million of other things. 
Girls can do anything! It’s the motto printed in this t-shirt I am wearing and if you think about it how true is that?


It really makes me sad when I see women that make other women feel bad, sad or ashamed, when they make feel other women like they worth less than them, when in the end we are all the same and we deserve the same good things. 
I promised to myself I wouldn’t be friends anymore with women that denigrate other women (I sincerely had enough) and so I did. If somebody doesn’t make you feel like you are good enough, they don’t deserve to be in your life as they are the first and main problem to themselves.
I promised to myself I would be friends with the women that empower me and make me feel beautiful the way I am and don’t want to destroy my confidence, but they are willing to help me boosting it. Life is too short to keep the ones that hurt us close to us.
So power to the women and cheers to the good beautiful (inside out) ones. 
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