Tan on Trend

I’m obviously not talking about my skin color,

cause as you can see, even after weeks in Italy, it’s still pretty white… but about the Tan color on Trend. Have you spotted it yet? Well, in online shops is already well known and in celebrity world as well.

Love me some tan.

Let’s say this color is the perfect mix between orange and rusty and it’s perfect for Summer and Autumn. On Summer it reminds us about going at the beach and getting a little tan, while on Autumn it reminds us about the color of the trees and the leaves.


But it’s also fair to say it’s the first time I am wearing Tan and I am saying it like it’s a bad thing and I was forced to, but I was not and I really liked to try to wear a color for the first time. It was a little weird, like asking myself why I haven’t try it before and I am almost 29, shouldn’t I have tried all the colors already? But it was like sort of a surprise.

I was very curious to see if it would look good on me and if it would look like it’s part of my personality. Well it is. I usually wear clothes that makes me in a good mood and if I don’t feel they fit right with myself, I would skip them. But I feel this color it’s enhancing my golden subtle tones. (In my hair and in my skin, let’s say)

I have paired up this new gorgeous blouse with my sunnies, because why not? Ton sur ton they say. I wanted to give it a little white on the shoes area and picked my new heels.

Did you try it already?


Shirt: ZAFUL

Rings: ZAFUL


Photos by theweirdycat


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