No body shaming!

lace up white bodysuit no body shaming

We are supposed to spread love

 and not hate. But many of us, especially in the women world, are easy to judge, criticize and hate on other women. I have already did a post on Girl Power and We all should be feminists, where I express my point of view on how women should empower each other and support each other, instead that spreading negative judgements that are just gonna make them feel bad about themselves.

I have always noticed how women that have a lack of confidence are the first to jump and criticize others. They seem to be okay in their own skin, while trying to kill any sort of good approach other women have with their body, but deep down they hide a lot of insecurities that are just gonna show one day.

You need to step away from those people and look at yourself in the mirror. Don’t just look at your appearance, but if your smile is really happy, if your eyes are truly gazing into your soul and if you like what you see inside of them. These are the factors that will make you love yourself for who you really are. And then there is appearance of course.


I used to be mocked for being the smallest and the skinnier one in the class and not only in class but also by my friends too. I started to believe I was wrong and my confidence was shred. I never made fun of my overweight friends and I always supported them, but somehow they felt like criticizing me for being skinny was the answer to make themselves feel better.

This is never the answer.

To build up your confidence again is not easy. That is why we need to say NO TO BODY SHAMING. It’s such a weak thing to do. Especially if we declare we are friends with somebody, we can’t be entitled to body shamed them, unless we are just both joking and we are both clear on the jokes.

No matter if you are overweight, underweight, too small or too tall, if you are not happy the way you are, find a way to change but don’t blame it on other people. We are all beautiful in the way we are all different.

Bodysuit: Sammydress

Shoes: Sammydress

Photos by theweirdycat

lace up white bodysuit no body shaming


lace up white bodysuit no body shaming

lace up white bodysuit no body shaming

lace up white bodysuit no body shaming

lace up white bodysuit no body shaming



  1. 08/15/2017 / 7:32 am

    Great outfit dear Vanessa! 🙂 I love your make-up and hair here.
    This topic is pretty important. Great that you write about.

    Well, I wish that all my posts would be online in English too. But if I’m honest my English is not perfect so I need somebody who translate my articles! I hope that I have somebody very soon! :”)

    Love from Berlin. ♥


  2. John
    08/19/2017 / 7:13 am

    Good for You V. -needed to be said..

    • Vanessa
      08/21/2017 / 11:43 am

      Thanks John! 🙂

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