How my blog helped me getting a job?

I have been trying for years, let’s be clear. It wasn’t at the first shot, or the second either. I have started my blog, not clear on what it would have become in the future and kept on writing it until I have started taking pictures outside (before I was just taking pictures inside).

How my blog helped me getting a job?

Then, gradually I have started thinking I should try. I went for interviews, year after year, and I could finally get an internship. It was just expenses paid, but it was worth it. For months, I got a clue of what a different environment tasted like. Social media, photography, marketing, blog writing. That was my world and it absorbed me.

I took a summer break and when I came back, I had to look for and accept a part time job as a counter to pay my bills.

Not long after, I was able to get many interviews for better jobs. Jobs that were more in line with my blog and my preferences. So I went to those interviews and just because my CV was much fuller and my blog too, I was able to express my passions much more and tell how much more experience I had gained.


I got an apprenticeship as an E-commerce – Photographer – Social Media/Marketing and from there it became a real job.

I am grateful to myself for what I have learnt since starting my blog and what it led me to. Even if now I would like to change my job (and perhaps have less stress!), it’s amazing to me how my passion helped me getting something in the real life.

Still, I am dreaming of becoming a full time blogger and I really hope it will happen one day.

How my blog helped me getting a job?

Few tips:

1. You need a blog, because it’s like a Portfolio for companies.

2. You need to know all about Social Media and be on it, because be sure they will check you out before replying to any of your emails.

3. You need to have a clue about how you would expand their business and what strategies you would use. Think about what would you do to expand your following first.

4. You need to know how to take good pictures and recognize the bad and the good lighting.

5. You need to sell yourself like you are an entrepreneur (you are a business yourself, after all) and don’t think others are better than you. You are the one they need.

6. You need to tell your story. Companies are very interested in your background and experiences. They want to know you were able to do it before hiring you.


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