How to Create Great Blog Content

If you own a blog you know that feeling.

How to create great blog content? Being able to deliver it is the thing that makes every blogger anxious. Am I gonna write it right? Am I gonna express my point of view in the way that my readers will get what I want to say? (always been my problem!) Am I gonna create a blog post that will make people stop and actually think about it? (second of my problems here!)

It’s not just about SEO, it’s about having a blog that people will know and think of as useful blog instead that an useless blog (as most non bloggers think of fashion blogs, let’s be honest). Because if I think about it, I am going back to the blogs that actually leave me something instead that the ones that I am browsing and thinking “Okay, so what’s the deal?”


It’s an interesting word and it’s the main thing that will get you going from writing zero words to actually writing a blog post. You need sources and you need inspirations. Without a source we wouldn’t have water to drink, so it’s the same thing with a fashion blog. Without a source, we wouldn’t have anything to write about, of course to write larger pieces of text like essays is better to use an essay writing service reddit but for writing blogs you can totally learn to do it. After you research your favourite bloggers and compile a list of the ones that make you go back to their blog, it’s time to get inspired. You can browse through your memories to think about something to write. Or you can browse the internet (or magazines, my faves! ). Instagram has a lot of inspirations and I find so many things daily that I need to quickly screenshot them in order to keep track of them and go back to them at the end of the day.

My main bloggers inspirations are Masha of Masha Sedgwick, Michelle of The Fashion Fraction, Beatrice of The Fashion Cuisine and Cristina Musacchio. Each of them have something that I would like to be able to acknowledge and make my own. Masha has an amazing content which inspires me all the time I visit her blog (and it’s been years now!) and her edgy style is similar to mine, Michelle has amazing pictures that makes me want to achieve as well. Beatrice has an amazing classic style of which I take inspirations from, just to change mine a little bit sometimes and Cristina has the perfect filters and knows how to deliver a great Instagram feed as well as great blog posts that resemble a story.


Okay, after reading tons of other people’s stories, it’s time you tell your own. Sharing is caring and sometimes it’s the thing that makes us feel connected and more human. (I have learnt it over the years). As I remember from one of my favourite movies of all time “Into the Wild” Happiness is real only when shared. And I applied it to many more things too. Like… it’s good to share our experiences, our stories, our moments and not keep everything to ourselves. Maybe somebody will find them inspiring, maybe someone will feel less lonely, maybe someone will get closer to us. To tell our story, it’s important we dig into our memories and we find the ones we think they are more appropriate to fit the topics we want to talk about. We don’t want to write the book of our life straight onto one post, so we need to tell things little by little. We can think about it as of book chapters. Then, our blog will be finally shaped.


None of us is a single boat floating in the ocean (even if at times if feels so, but this is not the topic now). We can actually find common points and make the decision of spill the beans on things that we carry on our shoulders. If we sympathize with other people we can find more in common than we originally thought. (of course, we will still be different individuals, but you know what I mean) If we sympathize, then we are easier to approach and we are easier to get into someone’s thoughts. (Hint: yes, it means people will find your content 100% better if they get to trust you from your posts)

When I am reading lots of blog posts of a single blogger I start to feel as if I know that person in real life. (I know real life is real life and can always change our first perception but…) It almost feels like if I would meet them, I would know what to say. (stalker, much?)


You know I am one of those people who have tried to write a book on their own and failed. I couldn’t get to finish it and I was always thinking “Okay, I am gonna wait for the inspiration to come and reach me!” saying that, years after years, my drafts never seen the light.

Here, again, we are not writing books! We don’t need to wait for that inspiration strike to happen! So, you need to start straight away. After gaining sources and inspirations and gazed into your soul long enough, it’s time to get your fingers on the keyboard.

If you think tomorrow is the day, you are wrong. Today is the day. So just do it and write that blog post you don’t know you have on your mind.


Nobody wants to deal with a total boring individual. That is why you need to get your character out and let it act the part. Of course if you have already some sense of humor, that would be perfect. So use it. And if you don’t have, just google something funny and everyday start to take some notes. (I don’t know how I came up with this one)

When I am reading blog posts and that person turns out to be funny, I am immediately hooked and will go back to that blog for sure. (at least I wanna know what will happen next, like a TV show you know?) So, use your sense of humor wisely, after all you don’t wanna scare people, but just make them wanna come back and give them a little fun. (between your drama post and the other)


Skirt: ZAFUL


Rings:  ZAFUL

Photos by theweirdycat



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