Why Red is the New Black?

Why Red is the New Black?

Why red is the new black? You have probably have been asking yourself, seeing the popular fashion trend everywhere. While getting to an answer requires a bit of talk through, I wanted to highlight how this colour have been a constant in my life. Since teenager years, I have developed a quite curious feeling towards red, which made me feel like I wasn’t wearing too much colour (which was totally off for me at that moment, you know moody teenagers stuff) while actually wearing something other than black or white.

Growing up, I came closer to feeling the red vibes again and nowadays I simply love wearing it, not only when it’s a huge trend, but on a monthly basis. (I am trying to change my outfits every now and then, you know) It’s not only a colour which express my mediterranean roots and passionate personality, but also a colour which gives me a little bit of different emotions.

IT’S GOT A LITTLE TOUCH OF COLOUR. Black is associated to darkness and for instance, we need a break from that. (seeing all the bad things that are happening everywhere). So let’s give the dark side a little rest and let’s cheer for a pop of red in our wardrobe and outfits. Our mood will thank us.

WE NEED TO BE PASSIONATE. Whether we want to express our warm side in relationships or outfits, we need a little bit more of love in our lives. Not only relationships can give that, but also interests can nurture our passionate side. Red can help us feeling a little bit more all warm and fuzzy inside.


TO TREAT OURSELVES. From time to time, it’s a very nice feeling to go to the supermarket and exit with a bunch of roses for ourselves. It wasn’t common before, but now in the Instagram era and the blogging saturated world, women are more inclined to shop flowers for themselves. Red roses can cheers us up as well!

IT’S GOT THE FEELINGS! When we wear something red, most people are likely to look at us as we are a kind invite. You know, like the bull in a bullfight? So whenever we feel ready for all that attention, we just need to throw that red t-shirt on and flaunt it. Warning: Red never killed anyone. (allegedly)

IT’S THE FEMININE POWER ALL OVER AGAIN. You know all those female power slogans? (see my girls can do anything! post) Well, we need to ride the wave and be at the top of it. (literally) Red is feminine, it screams woman at full power and we need to be proud of ourselves. GRL PWR!


Top & Shorts: SAMMYDRESS


Rings:  ZAFUL

Photos by theweirdycat

Why Red is the New Black?

Why Red is the New Black?

Why Red is the New Black?

Why Red is the New Black?

Why Red is the New Black?



  1. 08/29/2017 / 8:52 pm

    what a lovely red dress! you look so good!
    have a good evening! xx Romana

    • Vanessa
      09/01/2017 / 3:07 pm

      Thank you so much Romana! Love me some red 🙂

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