Life is not a Tv Show

Life is not a Tv Show

You know what they say? Life is not a Tv Show, dear.

Watching so many tv shows year after year (bye bye movies), I have started to become a little bit addicted and realized I would really want to live in one (hey, I mean the ones with less drama!)

Life in a Tv Show is pretty explicit. I can see where they are headed and even if they have problems coming up, I know they will solve them. (still, not talking about the thriller ones!)

Everyone seems to have a clue of what’s going on in a normal comedy tv show and you feel like everyone is the right amount of confident, while having so much fun. So, you start to imagine how you would look like and how you would behave if you were to live in a Tv Show. Would you be the shy, the outgoing or the funny one?


And why, anyway, there is never a character which embodies all of these traits together? Then, it can’t be me. I am all of them at the same time. Life is unpredictable, yet you can predict where a Tv Show is heading as the writers will give you a clue or two.

Every Tv Show is pretty straight forward on which topic it will talk about, which kind of story it will develop. In life, nothing is simple, nothing is written. (or maybe there is destiny after all?) You need to wake up and go make your own chapter for the day. Nobody will write it for you, if you don’t make it happen. (or again, perhaps there is a written book of our lives somewhere?)

And why it always seems like there is someone for each of the characters of the Tv Show? In real life, not everyone has somebody to love them. How come they think it can happen so easily in a Tv Show when it doesn’t always in real life?

Life is not a Tv Show

And there it the Time factor. By the time I have finished my spaghetti bowl, the main characters have married, divorced and got back together. While I can see myself reflected on the TV screen still with that bowl in my hands, alone.

Though time is a relative matter, I cannot stop myself from thinking that often we are waiting for things to happen or to get better for a long time. I wish there would be a reward scheme, so for as long as I have been alone I would get rewarded with love and many good things. At least, I would feel like there was a reason for my solitude. Instead, life goes on without any good surprises. So, it makes me wonder, if the universe is giving what it receives at first, did it give my reward to someone else?

I guess it come down to one existential answer: life just isn’t fair.

We can’t fight sometimes, we just need to accept the differences between us and the others. And living in our own world can be a good solution to reach that happiness that never comes and to push back depression. (I know this post could have easily been done by my older self, but my older self didn’t abandon me all at once).





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Life is not a Tv Show

Life is not a Tv Show Life is not a Tv Show Life is not a Tv Show Life is not a Tv Show

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