Pink On Trend

Pink On Trend

Pink was my favorite color when I was a child. I use to wear it all the time, I used to buy everything that was pink. It makes sense that I have fond memories of it and that I am glad I can rediscover it nowadays.

Have you seen how many celebs are wearing it from the beginning of the year until now? It’s a trend that still lives, for sure.

My favorite shade is the baby pink.

Pink On Trend

I have chosen this frilled cold shoulder dress from WEARALL and decided it was the right fit for today’s outfit. It’s girly, but not too uncomfortable. (see my latest post about this topic)

Pink reminds me of cotton candy at the Luna Park when I was barely a teenager. It reminds me of my Barbie house when I was even smaller. It reminds me of my pink bicycle that was my first bicycle when I finally learnt how to ride it.

It reminds me of the smell of pink roses, which is the most amazing smell. It reminds me of my first bathing suit.

I guess PINK was one of the most picked fave colors by all girls everywhere. This is why it makes such a comeback when it’s back.

Everyone can recall their fondest moments with it.

Which one is yours?


Sunnies: AMAZON

Photos by theweirdycat

Pink On Trend


Pink On Trend Pink On Trend

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