Who is the Modern Cinderella?

Who is the Modern Cinderella

I grew up watching Disney’s movies on repeat. And one of them was my favourite: Cinderella. I would pause it and replay it over and over again, just to feel the emotions rolling. This is when all my hopes and dreams started to develop. I wanted to be like Cinderella.

It has happened to you as well? The need to constantly find a role model to take as an example? I always had many role models, so I could become strong, pretty, funny, clever, sweet all at once. I didn’t want to be like the other girls, but Cinderella was different to me.

I started singing when I was really small, just like her, and every time I would watch the scene when she is singing to the birds, I would imagine myself in it. I simply loved the way she behaved with her stepmother and her stepsisters. The way she behaved with her friends animals and the prince. She wasn’t being too silly, just clumsy at times. She was clever and strong. My kind of role model.

Since I am a bit of a tomboy myself, I can’t relate 100% to Cinderella. That is why today I have decided to draw a Modern Cinderella‘s profile. For the rest of us who grew up wanting to be her, but grew up to be her while being modern too.


The one who wears boots.

As you may have noticed, I have an obsession with boots. It all started when I was a teenager and the boy I liked was wearing biker boots. I really liked them and thought “even if I am a girl, why on Earth couldn’t I wear those?” So then I went to buy my first pair of boots and was deeply in love. The perfect pair, a little grungy, a little faded out. They were so comfortable I wore them for years and was sad when I had to replace them.

The one who is happy alone.

Sometimes life is unfair and things just don’t unfold for all of us, despite if we deserve it or not. Love is a tough topic. Not everyone is so lucky to find it. This is why the Modern Cinderella is the one who learns how to happy on her own. Sometimes there will be no prince charming coming and Cinderella has to be happy anyway, because life goes on. She would learn how to cook for herself, treat herself to a cinema night or her favourite flowers, she would learn how to fix things and endure pain. She would learn how to live with sadness and longing for affection. She would treasure her time alone and do whatever she likes.

Who is the Modern Cinderella

Who is the Modern Cinderella

The one who swears.

I used to hate when someone would swear. I was never the religious girl, so it was clearly not out of religion beliefs. It was just a lack of education I didn’t like. Now, I just don’t mind to swear every once in a while. And it’s kind of funny when it happens, as people would laugh and start to swear too. (nothing too much, okay?) I still don’t like when people swear all the time, especially if they swear when they are deeply angry!

Girl if you are not into religion and you swear, there is nothing wrong with you. You are just being honest and modern. That’s all.

Who is the Modern Cinderella

Who is the Modern Cinderella



Sunnies: ZAFUL

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Who is the Modern Cinderella

The one who fights.

Being a small girl in such a huge world is not easy. People wants to rule you out whenever it’s possible. You can’t reach the higher shelves and you need to watch out for any possible danger on your way. That is why you need to be ready to fight back when it’s necessary. And this doesn’t mean literally fight (as you remember I don’t like to fight), but you can’t let people walk over you like nothing had happened. Imagine you’re a cat and somebody steals your food… you need to get your claws out, baby!

And which kind of Modern Cinderella are you?

Who is the Modern Cinderella