September Beauty Faves

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I haven’t been doing my Monthly Faves for a while now, give it I was a little busy with work and had some summer holidays, then I had a little stress these months and things like that. I have completely forgotten to show you my picks of the month.

So here we go for September:

1 If you are looking to glow like there’s no tomorrow, Mary-Lou Manizer is the solution! After using it, I don’t wanna use any other highlighter.

2 And what to say about the Yves Saint Laurent eye-liner? It’s a bless. Not only it’s easy to apply, it also lasts for long time and it’s smooth and perfect.

3 I can’t go a day without applying my favorite face cream by La Roche Posay. Since I love this brand (which is great for sensitive skins), I am trying a different cream every month. This time is the Effaclar H Multi Compensating Soothing Moisturizer. My skin feels like baby skin.

4 I have recently discovered light colored nail polishes and I have been wearing them ever since. I used to like black and red nail polishes the most and while I can’t disagree, I love the KIKO White Nail Polish too!

September Beauty Faves

September Beauty Faves


5 While browsing Amazon last month, I have stumbled upon this product on sale. Luckily! I was looking for a rose scented perfume and this Paul Smith one hasn’t disappointed me! The scent is strong and perfect and stays on for a while.

6 The True Match Foundation by L’Oreal has been gentle to my skin throughout September. It gave me the right coverage while creating a slightly bronzed layer of foundation on my skin.

September Beauty Faves


7 Since dying my hair brunette last month, I had to buy a new shampoo. The Brilliant Brunette by John Frieda worked really well and gave me the right shades of brown to keep my color shining even weeks after dying it.

8 It’s no surprise you are seeing another product by La Roche Posay, as I have mentioned before I love them. This one is the Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel and it works wonders! I haven’t had spots since using it and my skin is looking bright every day.

September Beauty Faves

9 Carbon Coco has a whole range of 100% organic products. I love their charcoal formula and I like the toothpaste too! I am using it every day. Since they are quite expensive, you might want to check out my giveaway here!

10 My fave creamy lipstick is by KIKO number 01. It was a bargain when I bought it and I really like it’s creamy formula!

September Beauty Faves