As you have seen from my latest post, printed tees are an all time favorite of mine. I started wearing them when I was in school and somehow never stopped. Since my soul belongs to rock and roll, my favorite are still band tees or those grungy ones, but I love the letter printed sarcastic ones too.

Which ones are your faves?

 SheIn has a whole range of printed tees and I love the colors! Especially the pink ones are just too cute. I’ve handpicked a selection of 10 letter print tees for all of your tastes:

10 Printed Tees with SheIn

1 LINK // 2 LINK // 3 LINK // 4 LINK // 5 LINK

10 Printed Tees with SheIn

6 LINK // 7 LINK // 8 LINK // 9 LINK // 10 LINK


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