The Truth about Brand Collaborations

Blogging has definitely its perks. One of them is getting free clothes and being able to find cool collaborations with online fashion stores. I love this part of blogging! Well, who doesn’t? I always find great brands and PR that are friendly and willing to wait for my busy schedule.

But there is the other side of the coin too.

The Truth about Brand CollaborationsSome brands are not that professional after all. And I don’t like to public complain about them, but someone has to know. It’s like you want to share the good and the bad experiences when you blog and you can’t have just good ones.

I have been contacted by the website Dezzal last year and I immediately thought it was a cool brand. Independent designers, original clothes, different collections… so I have replied straight away and ordered a pink cardigan that was perfect for the season.

These guys asked me to pay for customs and told me I would get my money back soon as it was a gifting products collaboration. I have contacted them many times, but no reply since last year.

I have decided to shoot these pictures with that pink cardigan, just to talk about this experience and make it more relatable to the shoot.

Have you had any bad experiences in your blogging career? (if not, well lucky you!)

The Truth about Brand Collaborations

The Truth about Brand Collaborations


< When brands ask you to pay something in advance, whether it’s for customs or taxes or anything regarding the shipping… ask yourself twice.
< When brands are asking you to purchase something upfront in order to have 3 free items afterwards… they are doing it with everyone else to generate sales and this is not a form of promotion that works well with bloggers or full time bloggers.

< When brands ask you to follow them on social media and they kindly offer you a special discount code for you to use immediately… well you are looking for collaborations, so up to you if you want to go down that road.


The Truth about Brand Collaborations

The Truth about Brand Collaborations

Photos by theweirdycat
The Truth about Brand Collaborations


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