Stranger Things

Stranger Things

I see a woman pulling a blanket and looking in front of her in the emptiness of the dark. She’s in the streets alone and I am meters away, but I can certainly see her fear. She doesn’t belong. She vaguely moves from here to there without a reason and keeps on franticly talking to herself.

I walk down the road and I keep wondering if people know about it. That we are going in circles. That we are just stopping at traffic lights and we don’t care about anything else around. But what’s around cares about us. Don’t you see all these strange things around us?

Stranger Things

Somehow one person grabs my attention and I turn my head towards him. He’s young and homeless, and in need of the services of family shelters. His face is covered in beard, but his green eyes are telling me something. He might just gone off tracks. I stare at him for a split second. I feel bad. I don’t have any coins or food.

What is it that makes people so blind in front of other realities? Why they cannot see beyond that line?

Crazy. Crazy. Crazy.

Someone is muttering with a deep raw voice and a shiver runs down my spine. London is so incredible. You can see the whole world and sometimes nothing at all – I think to myself.

I feel some negative energies coming towards me and a person walk past me. He lights up his cigarette and gives me a heavy look from the side. His stare it’s dull.

Stranger Things

I am almost home.

I take a deep breath. Sometimes I feel like people suck all of my good energy and I need to rush in my safe place and recharge it. Does it ever happen to you?

Stranger Things

I really like to wake up when no one is awake and feel like I am right in the middle of the splitting line between reality and the other reality. There’s a little breeze coming from that end. I feel like I need to be in both. What is it that keeps us here? Is it gravity or just a sense of duty? Are you really scared of looking at the other side of the glass?

I look up from my bedroom window and there is something I cannot describe. That bigger picture is so huge, I cannot seem to stop and stare.

Don’t you see all these strange things around us?

Jacket: SHEIN

Photos by theweirdycat

Stranger Things



  1. 11/03/2017 / 10:44 am

    Dear Vanessa, I loved reading this and yes I do sometimes feel that way! Love your yellow jacket and how you have styled this. Thank you for sharing hun. xoxo Lovely

    • Vanessa
      11/04/2017 / 4:31 pm

      always nice to hear your comment my lovely!! xx

  2. 11/15/2017 / 9:26 pm

    I love the poetic mood you set here. I love to wander and look for strange, interesting things. You’ve inspired me to think along the lines too for future blog posts.

    • Vanessa
      11/16/2017 / 7:29 am

      Thank you so much MaryHill! Such a compliment xx

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