My 5 Statement Pieces for Winter

My 5 Statement Pieces for WinterMy 5 Statement Pieces for Winter

No way it’s December!

Time to get comfy in our winter collection pieces, right? Well, I cannot agree more. Comfortable is my second name. I love it and I preach it. Things are getting pretty cold on this side of the world and casual outfits are my style now.

What are my 5 Statement Pieces for Winter?

BIG COMFY SWEATERS: I cannot own them enough and I cannot count how many I have. I even stuck them in my huge luggage, because I lack the necessary space in my room. (crazy, much?) What can I say, we get pretty cold in London as you may have heard.


BOOTS: This one is easy. If you have followed me for a while, you might know my obsession with boots. I have so many, I had to bring lots back home in Italy, cause my room was overloaded… you know when you have a flair for something? Well… yours truly have some kind of an idea about that. My favorites are any kind of buckled boots and vintage/grunge style boots.




Photos by theweirdycat 

My 5 Statement Pieces for Winter

LAYERING: I cannot keep myself from wearing two or three layers in an outfit. I get hot and cold really easily and in a very short span of time, it’s actually surprising me. But my mood follows up too, so I guess it’s pretty normal then? Layers saved my life many times. When I don’t layer, I feel like I am approaching hell covered in lots of orange flames. (and I don’t wanna know about that) Also, did you hear about the latest trend? Pairing up a biker jacket underneath a winter coat, like how cool is that?

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My 5 Statement Pieces for Winter

GO CARDIGANS: Talking about layers again… I love cardigans and I need them. Not only because they scream casual and comfort, but also because they actually do the work.

MINIMAL ACCESSORIES: I know I used to wear big necklaces and lots of accessories before. I simply got older (!) and now I really like my jewellery thin and minimal. I would still wear lots of rings and bracelets when I go out, but I don’t like those huge necklaces anymore… especially for winter. I feel like my sweaters are already enough, you know?

My 5 Statement Pieces for Winter

What are your favorite statement pieces for Winter?


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