I’m coming home

I’m coming home .

There are many feelings in the air when it comes to going home for holidays. It’s difficult to express them all. There’s a distance between me and the long and winding road. And I appreciate it. Too many times I am feeling like I’m drowning, while trying to walk and I sometimes get too tired. I need a rest.

So, as I approach my hometown, my head is finally empty. I don’t want to think anymore, I simply don’t care. There is nothing more that I want now, than smiling all the time. It’s my medicine and I need it.


I missed you my dear old bed, with your comfortable mattress. I have missed you, silence and darkness, quiet when I sleep. I have missed you, people. I missed you, my favorite food. There is no place like home, they say. And how much they are right. And I realize it, just when I’m the farthest from here.

Laughing with no reason, having everyone around and getting lost in the happy moments. What more we could wish for? Life is short and sometimes angels have to go. But we need to keep on living, never forgetting. Do you remember when we were painting smiles on our face? It seems like no time have passed at all, right?


But hey now we need to make our days count. I will keep my pencils ready. 

Photos by theweirdycat

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