Generation Y: The Switches

“Shhh… we should just hide here.”


Agreed. There are things that we cannot stop. Like: world hunger, earthquakes, injustices and… the switches. One turn and you’re off.
I used to believe that people were good or bad, but while watching them constantly leak their lifeblood, I’m not so sure anymore.
I think we are always changing, while keeping ourselves locked somewhere deep inside. (you know, the roots?)

Generation Y: The Switches


Generation Y: The Switches

But few people can make their transformation a little heavier on themselves. There’s a switch in our brain. You can call it as you want, but it doesn’t change its meaning. One day you’re willing to take all the weight on your shoulders nodding like an idiot, and the other your eyes turn red and you just scream at the top of your lungs. You know what I mean?

Generation Y: The Switches

I wish people would understand. It’s not simple as it seems. This is the switch that makes people become more scared and scary, more damaged and angry. Like monsters. Only, these monsters won’t hide under the bed.

Suddenly, they feel like their walls have crashed and they are bare naked where everyone can see. So, they try to go back hiding, but it just doesn’t work. “Shhh… we should just hide here“.
I used to believe you can learn from your mistakes. Yet sometimes we are drawn to commit them over and over again.

We got told that if we ever get lost, we should find our way back. Do you see that no one keeps track of the way back? How can we know where we are going… when probably we are just not going anywhere? Because you know, this is how I see people: everyone is just going around in circles, waiting or passing at traffic lights.

Generation Y: The Switches

Sweater: ZAFUL 

Pants: SHEIN

Photos by theweirdycat


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