The Impact of Glasses on Your Personal Style

The Impact of Glasses on Your Personal Style

These days, very little about our personal style is accidental. Surrounded by a hall of social media mirrors, most of us can’t help but be consciously trying to cultivate some kind of ‘look’ – and there’s nothing wrong with that. Style is a building block of our individual manifesto to the world –  how we choose to present ourselves and what message we want to project – and never has there been so much variety.

We define ourselves with reference to our must-haves – from this season’s pink blazer to the iconic trainers we’ve been coveting – and there’s no reason why eyewear shouldn’t be a big part of that. From mirrored shades to sexy secretary reading glasses, how we frame our faces has the power to say so much about us – but do you know what your glasses say about you?

The Impact of Glasses on Your Personal Style

Your Character- Framed

You’re probably aware of the old stereotype about glasses-wearers being perceived as more intelligent, and perhaps you’ve even played on it with lens-free specs when you wanted to look high-brow. But did you also know that a study back in 2015 found that eyeglass wearers were generally perceived as being of a higher social class than their counterparts with 20/20 vision? It even comes down to the style of glasses you choose. From Lennon-esque circle lenses to cat’s eyes, oversized to the emerging trend for micro-sunglasses, the style you select also speaks volumes. A Viennese study found that those who chose rimless glasses appeared less memorable but more trustworthy to observers.

To Brand or Not To Brand?

Conspicuous logos are something that swings in and out of fashion in general on a regular basis. One season is all about those ostentatious Chanel pool sliders, the next season we’re told ‘stealth wealth’ is the look to aim for. Glasses are just another channel that signals our brand awareness, and aligns us with the values of the choice we make. And with every house now producing collections of frames, they’re becoming as much of a statement of intent as an It bag used to be. Are you showing you’re at one with the sleek, sophisticated, moneyed mood of Celine? Or are you more of a quirky, free-spirited Marc Jacobs girl? Aiming at brash American glamour like Michael Kors? Or offbeat sexiness with Prada? As designer frames become more ubiquitous, we can now develop an eyewear ‘wardrobe’ that says exactly where our style is right now and complements the rest of our styling decisions.

The Impact of Glasses on Your Personal Style

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The truth is, as a multi-faceted individual, you will have many aspects to your personality and the life that you lead – so you’re going to need more than one pair of glasses to suit. New glasses are a statement of intent, and a great way to update your look without investing in a whole new wardrobe. Just as you wouldn’t slip on a ball gown to do the weekly shop (or would you? You rebel!) so you need different frames for the office and a cocktail party. Play around with different styles to find a natural fit for your personality and lifestyle. For such a statement piece, it’s well worth the time investment.


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