Your Festival Guide with SheIn

With the good season, good events are coming up as well. It’s the Festival Season and we don’t actually care if we are not gonna go to Coachella, right? (right?) We want the vibes in our life anyway!

I have browsed through SheIn and picked a selection of all time favorites for a Festival Event.

Your Festival Guide with SheIn

Here’s the 90’s Tee that you can’t miss when you want to keep the vibes going! Tip: Perfect with denim shorts

SHOPLetter Print Striped Tee

Your Festival Guide with SheIn

This embroidered mesh top is simply the bomb! You won’t go unnoticed for sure. Tip: Wear it with cut out jeans and heels

SHOP: Flower Embroidered Knot Mesh Top

Your Festival Guide with SheIn

A little yellow never hurt anybody! I love this shade and the flowy gown! Perfect for Festival evenings! Tip: Wear it with a large hat and a choker

SHOP: Faux Pearl Detail Florals Cami Dress

Your Festival Guide with SheIn

It’s very important to support each other! Spread the message. Tip: Wear it with high waisted jeans/skirts

SHOP: Letter Print Crop Tee

Your Festival Guide with SheIn

Floral is a great combination when it comes to 70’s vibes and we really need those! Tip: Wear it with a fringe cross bodybag

SHOP: Trumpet Sleeve Ruffle Hem Surplice Dress

Striped pants are the thing right now. They are easy to wear and they look chic. Tip: Wear them with a faux leather crop top

SHOPHigh Slit Striped Palazzo Pants


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