It’s a BOY kind of story

It's a BOY kind of story


“There are things you don’t want to hear. Like people that tell you what to do. Like the noisy neighbours at night. Like the tingle inside your head.”

The story of a boy is never simple. It starts with a mom feeding him. The boy grows every day some inches more. You can’t never tell how strong he will become, until you feel his power. Well, this is a boy. A man to be. It would be good to raise him well. 

So the boy starts to live a life of his own. You would watch him from the side, no matter if you are the mom or the friend. We see him change appearance, like from day to night. He becomes more attractive and distant. Why boys always have to prove themselves? To become men. Smartest, all the time.

It's a BOY kind of story

You see… a boy story is never simple. It all starts with a boy, but you never know if it will end with a man. It’s like we are waiting for miracles to happen, sometimes it’s all we can do. So we hope our boys we’ll become good men. Earth is already heavy, keeping all this weight balanced every day. We need some substance and good hearts. We need something that will come around and help us eventually. Someone maybe… 

There was a boy… crying on the floor, laughing with his friends, tearing everything apart. He went on like that for years. It was time for a change. How to make him understand? “Boys will be Boys.” But sometimes we hope they will be men.

It's a BOY kind of story


Photos by theweirdycat and ven.elena

It's a BOY kind of story

It's a BOY kind of story


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