My Top 5 Books to Read

My Top 5 Books to Read

Once upon a time… I used to read a lot. 

I was always drawn to know more about life and everything in between. I was always the little curious girl that wanted to discover things her way. Books were my weapon of wisdom, along with cartoons, toys and tv shows. I would learn and learn from them, building all the fundamental resources I needed to grow up. So it’s time I share with you …

My Top 5 BOOKS To Read

My Top 5 Books to Read


Well Harry Potter fans, I feel you. I am one of you. I have been growing up with Harry and all the books. I am a sucker for everything J.K. Rowling wrote about his world. I have learnt so much from it that is insane. If you’ve been living under a cave, well time to get out and grab the first book of the series. You won’t regret it. (Plus it gets better and better with the last ones)



When growing up, there was one constant story in my life. Little Women was inspiring in many different ways for me. I was used to read it with my dim light late in the evening. I used to get my private moment to read it the way I felt it should. It taught me friendship, family values, possible relationship issues and the power of dreams. Pick it up from your local bookstore.

My Top 5 Books to Read


It was long time ago when I started reading this book. It was actually when I was around 12 and my professor was carving this special wooden bookmarks for each of her students. I got the one that said “You never stop learning” exactly quoting the book. If you’re looking to learn to deal with existence, friendships and more, well read this book.



It’s funny how some books make you company throughout your life. I am reading The Little Price over again and I just can’t stop wondering how great this book is. How inspired the author was and how meaningful his sentences felt when he was writing them. And how meaningful they are to us readers. Friendship and relationships. All you need to know.


This book will teach you that it’s okay to be normal and it’s ok to be different. Nobody can say who you are and nobody can make you feel less that you are. This book will teach you that in life you will meet different people and the ones that will matter the most for you, will be the ones who will give you lessons. Not necessarily all of them will stay throughout your life, but some will stay in your heart/mind forever.



My Top 5 Books to Read

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