Why Influencers were Underdogs?

Why Influencers were Underdogs?

Why Influencers were Underdogs?

Some influencers I’m coming across through Instagram and Fashion Blogs happen to be coming from “not so cool” places in their teenagers years. It just happened the same for me. Even if it’s kind of mind-blowing, it all make sense as people nowadays are jealous of those that actually use creativity to build another world of their own (and sometimes make a living from it)

Why Influencers were Underdogs?When these influencers were in school, from what appears from their own childhood/teenager stories, they were not the popular ones and they were easily not understood. As normally, as it happens for the most creative and imaginative people, they were a target for bullies as their own world was becoming too distant from the normal one.

When you have a special way of seeing things or a different point of view, people don’t usually understand it.

It can be tricky to grow up when someone your age can’t relate to you. You begin thinking there must be something weird with yourself.

But it’s actually quite the contrary. Being special has lead many individuals to find another way of expressing themselves, becoming artists, poets, musicians, writers, photographers, actors and so on. Now, we have the world of influencers. If you feel you have something going on in your head that brings you the most incredible way of thinking about things, then you can build up your own community and start creating content which will be shared and hopefully will reach similar individuals.

Most people are average, even if they don’t think so. It’s hard for them to see the world with another pair of shoes.

It’s quite mind-blowing to see the biggest influencers that tell a story of being the lonely or emarginated ones in school. They often were bullied and made fun of. Influencers that now have build a glamorous life and filled it with big opportunities.

What actually is the main point here, is that we would like people to understand that who is different does not have fault and it’s not something that somebody should be bullied for. (not just talking about school)

Why Influencers were Underdogs?

It’s not a fault to be special or different and at the same time, it’s not a fault to be average.

Jealousy should not exist in this context, if someone has the will to create a better life on their own, they deserve to reap what they sow. We are supposed to admire these individuals instead and learn from them.

No one should feel the power to bash someone else just because they are not the same. If you are bullied, you start to see that there’s dark all around in the tunnel. But you also will come to a point that you will realize that you have potential and possibilities that will make you reach the light out of the tunnel.

If you are creative in any kind of way, spread your creativity and share it with the world. Who knows that maybe someone like you will eventually reach out to you and make you smile.

Why Influencers were Underdogs?

Why Influencers were Underdogs?

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Why Influencers were Underdogs?



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