The Knitwear Trend for A/W 2018


The cold season has wrapped its huge arms around us and London has been good just for couple of days (sunnier ones!), but back to black now! I suggest you quickly do your research and stock up your wardrobe shelves with the latest comfortable and feminine knitwear you can find online. I have been browsing through, a classy and forward thinking online fashion brand. They have all the feminine stuff you want to wear even on the chilliest days! The good part of it it’s that their prices are low and affordable even by teenagers. I love it, as it’s really inspired by girl power and giving women the attention they need when they are looking for clothes that will make them feel beautiful. You know me, I love feminine and masculine clothes and sometimes a combination of both, so it’s nice when I find brands that can embodies those qualities, even if one at a time.

The Knitwear Trend for A/W 2018:

Starting with mustard feelings, this Mustard Off Shoulder Knitted Jumper is the right choice to brighten up any gray day. Look at those street signs, matching the color of my jumper, Ha! It’s a fun and trendy color to wear and I also love the fact I can show one shoulder if I feel like it. A little of a baggy look, but still feminine!

Mustard or Yellow tones are great matched with:

LEOPARD SKIRTS: Like, look at those color combinations! It’s a great way to show off the latest animal trends while keeping it low-key and minimal!

PATTERNED BAGS: yes, yes yes to all the pattern vibes! On the runways, designers build up their creativity at the max, matching all the possible prints at once and so it’s time for you as well to play with it.


Tired of being victimized by the Autumn weather? I’ve got a simple but efficient solution for you. Knitwear dresses! You might think they are not a good choice, but they are great alternative for cold days and outings planned. I love them, especially cause I can layer sweaters and coats over them to keep me warmer. I paired up this Black Cami Knitted Side Split Maxi dress with my new comfy studded boots.

Knitwear Dresses are great matched with:

COLORFUL ACCESSORIES: Like, where all out creativity has gone sometimes? There’s more need for color, for sure. Needless to say, brighten up those dark tones with yellow, red, green accessories and have fun with it!

STUDDED ITEMS: I know, you have probably have seen this one coming. But you know I’m a big sucker for studded accessories, right? All my teenager years thank me now. I need some studs in my wardrobe at times still and I choose studded boots for knitwear dresses. Like, a match made in heaven! But you can play with more studded accessories here and choose a stud bag or stud belt, or even studded ear cuffs if you don’t wanna steal all the attention at once. Also why not a studded bracelet with our initials on it?

This Cream Oversized Knit Jumper is the cozy idea for any rainy or windy days out. (or even when we have to go to work) I love to match it with prints or black trousers if I want a more chic outfit. Depends on your mood of the day, since it’s a blank canvas and you can play with it and draw the look as you like. For example, how would you think of yellow and cream? Well, I wouldn’t think it would look so good as it looks on this pictures. See, you never know.

Cream tones are great matched with:

BRIGHT COLORS: Yellow, red, blue… and the list goes on. As we can see from my outfit here, cream tones are lightened up when we match them with bright colors. Even a bag can make all the difference.

BLACK ACCESSORIES: Ok… you might be confused now. I just said that cream tones are great with bright colors and now I mention black color, like what? But hey, if you spot my black watch in the picture you can see what I’m talking about. I love to pair a cream top with black trousers, or black bag or boots for example. If you want a bit more of a put together and chic look, here you go.

This Red Cable Knit Cropped Jumper might be exactly what you’re looking for right now, if like me, you are a lover of red and all things casual! It just screams: give me all the love I need!

Red tones are great matched with:

CHECKED ITEMS: As you can see from my outfit on the pictures above, red and check go well together! I love this combination and while it can be all casual and a bit masculine, it’s also great for many different outfit ideas.

WHITE BOOTS: I know, I usually pair up my red tops with my red boots… but sometimes it’s nice to go white in the shoes area. Look at how the white boots enhance the all look! I love it!


And what are your tips for wearing knitwear this season?


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