Generation Y: Time


When was the last time you had Time? You probably would answer “never”.

Each of us is so absorbed in the things we have to do, we forget that Time does not spare us. “I know, I have a lot of things to do, I will have Time to finish everything“. “Time will help me feeling better“.

Well, what is Time?

I have avoided wearing a watch for a really long time. You would ask me “why“? Right? Well, Time is the answer. I was too frustrated to look at the Time every now and then and got so anxious about everything that I had to stop wearing my favorite pink watch. (I was small you know) Yes. Even if I was a teenager I started getting anxious of doing everything by the Time. Who can say if I do something by the Time, who knows that correctly? Well, just Time. So I started hating Time for a while…


You know those teenagers feelings?

I left my watch on my desk table and went on with my life. I had decided I had enough of peeking on my watch for a very long time. Until now, I didn’t wear a watch on my wrist on a everyday basis. I still keep this tendency, but my new watch is trying to catch my attention. You know it’s chic and all that stuff. But still I am trying to resist. What is it that I cannot bear?

It’s the thought of not being on Time, not having enough Time. Still now I get anxious when I’m having a good laugh or a good moment and I know Time will come and take it away from me. I’m an anxious person, just give me that Time, for heaven’s sake.

And you… how do you keep up with all of this Time stress/management?

Sometimes it’s good to give Time a little more of thinking.

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