How to Dress for an Evening Dinner + Video

GIRLS: We should all feel a little feminine at times. We should all spoil ourselves and have some “me” time. It’s so important. Especially if we want to be healthy and feel awesome afterwards. When we have evening dinners or family dinenrs or any kind of event, we should treat ourselves to some shopping spree (clothing and beauty items are top!)

Today I want to show you how I personally style my evening outfit for Autumn. (and why not, Christmas as well?) 

  How to Dress for an Evening Dinner + Video How to Dress for an Evening Dinner + Video

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I’m wearing: METISU jumpsuit (more women jumpsuit here) | NEWLOOK boots


Finding the perfect dress or jumpsuit can be tricky if we don’t know where to look for them. I am wearing Metisu dresses/jumpsuits for years now, so I can highly recommend them. But you can find occasion wear in any High Street shops as well as online.


Look for detailed items: For an evening out, it’s all in the details of the design of your outfit. The more you have, the more it will look expensive and chic and perfect. For example, I like some dresses and jumpsuits with belts, so I can personalize the whole outfit. I also like double layered clothes so I can wear a bralet underneath.

How to Dress for an Evening Dinner + Video

Find the comfort in the clothes:If you have an event to attend or a dinner to go to, it’s best you think of how comfortable you will need to be all night long. You really don’t want that unease feeling to take over, while you’re supposed to be all glamed up and happy. In the end it’s the way it makes you feel that matters.

How to Dress for an Evening Dinner + Video

Go for strong colors: For evenings, I used to prefer all black everything. I still do, but I have a preference for strong colors like red. Everybody will chose black, so if you want them to remember you, you should go different.

How to Dress for an Evening Dinner + Video

Don’t forget to accessorize the outfit accordingly to the type of event:  If you’re going for a glam event or a casual dinner, it won’t be the same outfit you will need after all. Choose carefully what can be better wear at that specific event you have.

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