Generation Y: Dreams

To the little boy or the little girl that we all were: our dreams were not so different. I wanted happiness and love, a house and laughters. I wanted a good job and never work a day of my life. I wanted my family happy and create my own. I wanted to see the world, but the places I felt the most mine. I wanted to sing and write and take photos everywhere. I wanted to create my own space in the world where I could always find my own traces. 

Generation Y: Dreams

What is something that keeps you from dreaming? I love dreams. They always bring me somewhere far and somewhere near, somewhere where I can be me 100% and I just am happy of it. I dream a dream that my life will be…

Generation Y: Dreams

Generation Y: Dreams


I used to keep a diary, where I wrote all my dreams. I could remember most of them, if not all. I didn't remember my dreams for over 5 years straight. At 30 years old, my dreams become more vivid and I still can remember them after I wake up, sometimes.

I use my time before I dream as a little reminder to myself that I am worth it. I am worth of dreaming the life I would like for myself. Nothing wrong in keeping them alive.

I used to think dreams were only dreams, until I had couple of premonitions, if we can call them like that. So now I feel dreams have more breaths than ever. They absorb our personality and they keep it alive at night. How awesome?

I used to want my dreams to never end. I would wake up and almost cry. But I know now life is worth living, at least to keep our dreams not just dreams but also wishes and goals to fulfill.

Generation Y: Dreams

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And what are your dreams made of?


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