How to choose the right Formal Dress

How to choose the right Formal Dress

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Formal dresses come in different styles, colors, materials, and lengths. So, what do you choose? The event may dictate what length or style you choose, while the season or the weather may affect the color or the material.

Follow some of these style tips if you’re looking for choosing the correct length and style for your next chic event.


Short dresses, like cocktail dresses, look great on women who have toned, muscular legs. You shouldn’t be afraid to show them off. Be aware of the event type and make sure a mini dress is appropriate. A good rule is to make sure the hemline is longer than your fingers.

How to choose the right Formal Dress

Going out on a daytime isn’t the best time for a cocktail dress, but you can certain wear it to most evening activities like cocktail parties, bachelorette parties, and pub hopping with your friends.


Medium length dresses fall anywhere from just above the knee to mid-calf. They can be perfect for a wide range of events like weddings in the garden, afternoon tea, and brunch. This length is flattering fun, and much more modest than cocktail dresses.

How to choose the right Formal Dress

These dresses are also versatile. They go well with flats or heels, they’re formal but fun, and you can wear it anywhere. They are feminine and make you look very put together, so they are also great for business.


Long gowns are best saved for black tie events, weddings, and the red carpet. These dresses are classy, timeless, and go well with events that are on the same line. If you want to keep it more modern, wear something shorter.

How to choose the right Formal Dress

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If you have an event coming up, use these tips to find the appropriate dress that will be stylish and comfortable. From cocktail dresses to long evening gowns, there’s something out there for prom dress


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