Artificial Intelligence: when it’s going too far?

Artificial Intelligence: when it's going too far?

I used to hate the word “Artificial“. I have always been the one supporter of anything natural. But suddenly, the words “Artificial Intelligence” had combined and a new world has opened its doors in front of us. How cool would it be to create lives and forge them to be exactly like us, minus the faulty points? I guess the scientific answer would be très cool.

I know there’s a lot of debate going on in the universe, whether or not it’s a good idea bringing human robots to life, but it’s already happening and while discussing this topic with my closest friends, I have been started thinking more closely of the matter. HUMAN ROBOTS.

Artificial Intelligence: when it's going too far?

While for many of us would be an unacceptable new chapter in the humanity race of events, personally I would be glad to have another way of “living” things. Let’s face it. Not everyone is lucky in life.

Looking at it, from my point of view, I would like to have human robots between us. I know, I am the first who’s deeply passionate about human interaction and even human flaws that makes us unique. I love human smell, human hair and human pace of walking. I love the way we stumble on words when we speak and yet the way we fear and love, we cry at night and sour. I love the way we stand still and get emotional in front of the sunset. I love the way humans get to be humans and not just perfect things. But honestly, it should be more. It must be more than this, right? We are constantly evolving and we have the right to do so.

Artificial Intelligence: when it's going too far?

Sometimes I see there’s a little “magic”, if I can call it like that. Robots, human flaws, perceptions, fate, love, interactions, new discoveries, randomness. All of these bring a little magic in the world.

I believe in destiny, so if we are not destined to have something in our life, even if we try as hard as we can, we are not gonna get it. I have seen it with my own eyes. So I know that if we, as humans, can create those opportunities in other ways, that would be an enormous achievement. Think of all the people that can’t have what they really deserve. This system in life doesn’t make any sense to me, so why not cheat it a little?

Since I have never been a lucky one in love and my dream of meeting “the one” at young age and get married and build a family never actually happened, now that I’m 30 I feel like there wouldn’t be nothing bad in trying to get love by an alternative route. There’s many lonely people that tried to find love all their life but never actually had it, so what’s wrong in “creating true love” via human robots, if that’s possible? It doesn’t sound so crazy after all.

Now think of someone that has a disease. What would you do in their place? What would you do if you could have a chance of knowing it in advance and be able to cure it? And what about incurable diseases? If we could transplant their heart and brains into a human robot, then they wouldn’t have to die after all? We could be eternal… amazing but also scary. Not everyone is good to be an eternal being… but that’s food for another thought.

Lastly, there’s the issue of money. Unfortunately it’s not gonna be possible for the normal population to have a human robot for long time… unless you’re rich and all. But we can still dream until then, right? (or save like crazy…)

And the answer to “Artificial Intelligence it’s going too far?” is to put ourselves in other people’s shoes. What would we do if…?

Artificial Intelligence: when it's going too far?

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