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February Monthly Favorites

February Monthly Favorites
This post it’s in collaboration with Case App

It’s been a while and I’m back on track with showing you my latest treasures. These are not just Beauty Products but more. Keep on reading to find out my February Faves.

February Monthly Favorites
Let’s start off with my new favorite cover for my Mac. It’s from Case App and there you can manage to get hold of personalised phone cases and personalised laptop skins, whether you have something in mind you can upload your pictures or choose between their selection. I have chosen a black marbled cover and it’s just so perfect for my Mac, I’m gonna keep it for a long time! You can also choose covers for your phone and more!
Which ones are your fave covers?
February Monthly Favorites
Then I have got this beautiful necklace by Mockberg (you can use discount code anevgrung15) and I love its simple yet beautifully chic design and the golden finish. You can choose between earrings, necklaces, bracelets and watches and the quality is simply amazing. Highly recommended especially if you’re looking for gifts!
February Monthly Favorites
Necklace: Mockberg
February Monthly Favorites
This month I was able to try out a subscription box partnering up with uOpen.com and the Good Butter Company. I have fallen in love with their organic products, nothing beats them in my Beauty routine right now! You can save around £10 each subscription box and you can subscribe here. (more subscription boxes here) The contents of each box is displayed on that page, so before you purchase you get an idea of what you’re going to get!
February Monthly Favorites
Contents of this box:
AFRICAN BLACK SOAP: West African have been using black soap for centuries for general bathing and hair washing. Black soap is renowned for its natural healing properties and is used in the treatment of various skin conditions as it provides a deep cleansing experience that exfoliates dead skin cells to reveal radiant, clean, fresh and healthy skin.

REVIEW: In love with the smell of this soap! Smells like vanilla and popcorns and it’s amazing on cleaning the body during the shower! I also use it as a detergent for hands and face.

SHEA BUTTER: Also from West Africa, Shea Butter contains and is powered by vitamins A and E. Vitamin E has always been considered a useful anti-aging ingredient, while Vitamin A is used traditionally to treat skin disorders. It is useful on rashes, dry or cracked skin, stretch marks, sunburns, eczema and more.

REVIEW: This soap it’s perfect to clean my hands and I love the natural smell of it!

LAVENDER AND ALMOND OIL: Lavender essential oil helps heal skin irritations and calm down stressed skin. Sweet Almond oil is high in antioxidative properties and it’s known to protect skin against UV radiation damage.

REVIEW: The Lavender oil smells like heaven, few drops and its essential formula works just brilliant! I have never been a fan of lavender smell, but now I am! Sweet Almond Oil is great on dry skin and I love using it everyday before my day cream.

MANGO AND AVOCADO BUTTER: Mango butter is highly moisturising and contains fatty acids. It’s rich in oleic acid. Avocado butter rehydrates skin. It’s also great to help with unruly or dry hair.

REVIEW: I love both butters, I use Mango on my hands when they are dry and on my neck too. I prefer the Avocado butter as it’s more oily and I use it all over my face and neck too. It’s just amazing on the skin, it makes it shine!
February Monthly Favorites
Next products I have been trying out are the TEA+ teas! TEA+ are a Harrogate based company who make Vitamin Infused tea. They have launched a new range of vitamin infused teas, blended into 14 day routine teabags, in partnership with the UK’s number 1 vitamin company, Vitabiotics. Their vitamin teas are currently available in Holland and Barrett, Boots, Ocado and Wholefoods. I have been loving the Raspberry & Pomegranade blend the most! The smell it’s soft and the taste is amazing, loving waking up and having a cup of this tea!
February Monthly Favorites
Each of their teas gives you energy, defence, cleanse, Vitamins and more. I suggest you have a browse on their website www.teaplusdrinks.com so you can see the properties that each tea+ contains. Which one is your TEA+?
February Monthly Favorites
February Monthly Favorites
I have been testing these products by Lowengrip throughout the all month of January and I can say my favorite one is the Volumizing lotion with its heat protection formula it’s the best one for my thin straight hair! I also love to spray the facial mist every once in a while after applying make up or simply on my face in the morning after waking up. And I adore the Facial Cleanser gentle formula!
February Monthly Favorites
Lastly, I have been trying these products by Grace & Stella for a long time and I’m in love with the Rose Facial Spray as I love roses and its formula it’s delicate enough to go well on my face every morning. The Blackhead removal mask is for every time you feel your skin needs a cleanse as it’s dedicated to clarifies pores.