How to grow your hair and fight hair loss: LABO Paris

How to grow your hair and fight hair loss: LABO Paris
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One of the topics regarding personal appearance that I care about the most is hair loss. I have been suffering from hair loss for so many years and have looked at getting a Therapeutic hair transplant, among other possible solutions. I am still young so this really bothered me and affected me.

I sincerely recommend you to visit this site if you have been struggling and suffering with hair loss like me (with the back of my head missing parts of hair!). I have finally found what I was looking for and these three products all together really helped me fighting this battle along with Womens Hair Loss Vitamin Supplements. I was using even Keratin vials for years, but it wouldn’t last that long. And now I am completely in awe with LABO Paris Hair Loss products, you will get them on hair loss geeks website, all you need to care your hair you can find it there. It was about time. When it comes to skin, you can see more tips on how to take care of it and reduce the signs of ageing.

LABO Paris offer sets and packages, which combine a number of products to create a regime. I have chosen the Maintenance Anti-Hair Loss Kit (Shampoo, Lotion and Vitamins) as you can see below. If you would love to give coconut oil a try in 2021, check out this list of good oil for hair from different brands.

I have started seeing the effects of this treatment on the first week. Sometimes it can take longer, but for me it was quite immediate and also surprisingly pleasant to watch!

How to grow your hair and fight hair loss: LABO Paris

Hair Growth Complex for 28 days
It’s recommended to take 2 pills a day after eating.

Rocket    ✔ Boosts Hair Growth

Spirulina ✔ Very rich in protein for intense nutrition

Lithothamne ✔ A seaweed that remineralizes hair

Vitamin B8 ✔ Participate in hair growth

Cysteine ✔ Sulfated amino acid essential to the constitution of keratin

Bamboo ✔ Rich in silicon, involved in the synthesis of the hair.

How to grow your hair and fight hair loss: LABO Paris

What you can expect?

☑  Prevent hair loss. Accelerate slow growing hair.
☑  Stimulate capillary bulb and its activity.
☑  Reduce scalp problems such as itchy or dry scalp.
☑  Effective for men & women.
☑  Specially formulated for Hair Loss.
☑  Restructure, Preserve and Strengthen the hair fiber.
☑  Guarantees brilliance and vitality.

BPC treating shampoo

My advice is to massage the Shampoo well into your scalp for best results. And then rinse. I use it every two days when I wash my hair.

ZINC & COPPER: ✓ Promote hair growth,

SILANOL: ✓ Metabolic stimulant which restructures hair fiber,

SILICIUM: ✓ Preserves and strengthens hair fiber,

ORGANIC ORANGE WATER: ✓ Guarantees brilliance and vitality.

LABO Paris (grab 20% off) – use code VANE20 on single products –

How does it work?


I use it every time after the shampoo and I apply it 5-6 times on each side and also at the back of my hair, towards the scalp and the roots.

VICIA FABA (Broad Bean) ✓ Promotes expression of genes necessary for growth and the renewal of the hair

ORGANIC BURDOCK ✓ Used for its Sebo-regulating properties. Astringent power that helps to combat the hypersecretion of sebum,

CORN SEED EXTRACT ✓ Dynamize the intercellular exchanges, reinforces the hydration of skin of the scalp,

ORGANIC ALOE VERA ✓ Recognized for its soothing, moisturizing and restorative properties.

If you have used different treatments and have not had results consider getting a hair transplant procedure.


I used to have hair loss especially on the top of the back of my hair for ages. You can spot it on the left picture. And how thin my hair looked? On the right it’s me now and I can’t be happier!! I have finally found the proper medicine to my hair loss!

But if you’ve tried similar medicines and it only made things worse, or even caused some kind of disease, then you must contact a drug injury lawyer almost immediately.

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