My Christmas Gift Guide 2019

My Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Another year has come to an end and we are ready for Christmas shopping, aren’t we? I feel like there’s always this huge debate on whether or not to get Christmas presents, this time of year. I see Christmas as a way of gathering family and people we love near to us and as long as we have people like that in our life, I think it’s very important to celebrate them. But if you are alone, it’s very important to gift yourself and celebrate yourself too! Out of religion beliefs, I find Christmas to be a sweet time to chill and enjoy lights and colors around us, among all that darkness, it’s a fair nice change! So I handpicked a selection of Christmas presents you could get to possibly anyone you love ( including yourself ).

Disclaimer: This post includes PR and affiliate links.

Morphe Palette 
My Christmas Gift Guide 2019
Morphe Palette and Nails Inc NailKale Nail Polish by Cohorted December Box
My Christmas Gift Guide 2019

LQ liquid health is

  • Scientifically Formulated to Support Healthy Skin, Hair & Nails
  • Made of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Biotin & Resveratrol + 5 Other Active Ingredients


Liquid health supplements have faster absorption rates, higher optimisation rates and are more easily digestible, than other methods of taking supplements. This is called bioavailability. LQs high bioavailability means it’s easier to absorb and there is a greater benefit from each dose, compared with other supplement brands.


Willow England team have designed and formulated organic anti-ageing products for mature skin, and innovative age-preventative products for 30 – 50 year old skin.

My Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Advanced Anti-ageing Serum an intensive and potent anti-ageing serum to help restore your skin’s radiance.

My Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Mandarin Retinoid & Resurfacing Buffing Balm inject your skin with nourishing vitamins, while gentle lactic acid removes dead skin cells.

My Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Rose Bath & Shower Oil with Tonka Bean & Anti-Oxidants leaves your skin supple & soft with a cell-plumping, multi-vitamin rich bath & shower oil

Yuniqu Noblige Fragrance by Yuniqu (monthly subscription fragrances service)
How it works:
Choose from one of their options to discover new fragrances. You can not decide? Use their Perfume Finder.


Jolen Creme Bleach Sensitive
For All Hair Types & Colors – Fast and effective every time
– New Mixing Cup makes it easier to use
– Contains Aloe Vera so it’s gentler for sensitive skin


Made especially for sensitive skin, this formula is great for face, eyebrows and body. This no drip application makes dealing with unwanted hair a breeze. Their Creme Bleach is easy, gentle and includes a no-mess mixing cup.

ARGENTUM BY APOTHECARY cohorted My Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Argentum by Apothecary Body Cream by Cohorted December Box locks in water beneath the epidermis to leave skin intensely hydrated, soft and even-toned. 

AGENT PROVOCATEUR My Christmas Gift Guide 2019

Agent Provocateur Fatale Fragrance by Cohorted December Box an enticing, enigmatically evocative fragrance for women


Lancome Monsieur Mascara by Cohorted December Box delivers instant heart-stopping volume with up to 24 hour wear day to night!

My Christmas Gift Guide 2019


Vegan – Not tested on animals
Free from Silicone – Paraben – Microplastic

  • Purifies the skin thoroughly without drying it out
  • Cleanses effectively by binding toxins and boosting the natural process of detoxifying the skin
  • Peat extract-based that helps to purify and detoxify the skin
  • Contains avocado oil to moisturise and regenerate
My Christmas Gift Guide 2019
HUGG My Christmas Gift Guide 2019
HUGG products are made from organic material but are not specifically certified as organic. Their products contain a range of cannabinoids.

The CBD Clay Face Mask is a Dead Sea Mud Combined with Coconut Oil, Shea Butter Clay a Fantastic Combo of Essential Oils, Infused with 50mg CBD and CBD Oil

Which ones are you mostly likely to shop?


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