3 Things I’ve learned in 2019

More Self-Care is Not an Option: I had some lows this year and I really needed to remind myself to take care of “me” first. It just slipped for a while, and it was time to look deeper into the mirror and answer back.

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Take time to relax and unwind: this one is always on my mind, but sometimes I fail to make it happen. I had some health issues this year and I had to take a step back and breath in, breath out too. I then realized I am running towards my goal a little fast, I just need to be more patient and also a little less productive at times. My Stakhanovite side had to step aside, damn.

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Don’t forget to smile and don’t be ashamed of it: I used to hate pictures of me when I was smiling (how weird?) but I then acknowledged how precious they are. And how important is to smile the most we can? You will enjoy your life a little more, promised.


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