Relationship Status: it’s complicated.

Relationship Status: it's complicated.

What’s your relationship status? It’s complicated. Do you ever want to answer this way to this redundant question? And which kind of relationship it refers to? Why everyone seems to think there’s only a romantic relationship that can involve around this question? I can think of many kind of relationships we as humans can have, and the most important is with ourselves, but we still have to shed some light on the topic of self-love.

Relationship Status: it's complicated.

in 2020, the topic of self-love should be of everyday use. We all need to hear it often and it’s never enough. SELF-LOVE. It all starts here and it all ends here. We need to love ourselves as we are the only ones that will surely stay 100% in our lives until the end.

Relationship Status: it's complicated.

How to practice self-love (easy ways)

Smile at yourself for being awesome.

Buy yourself fresh flowers.

Clean your house or apartment. When it comes to cleaning your carpet, hiring the professionals at Eco Clean Solutions is your best option.

Organize your workspace and files.

Take time for rest and relaxation.

Wear red lipstick and heels just because it’s a Thursday.

Eat while focusing only on your food.

Make a list of fun activities to do and post on your fridge.

Repeat the following mantra “I love and accept myself.”

Make a list of all the things you like about yourself.

Each night before bed write in your gratitude journal.

Start the day with two minutes of meditation.

Treat yourself.

Relationship Status: it's complicated.

What do you think of this topic? Do you often practice self-love or are you buried in relationships where you just satisfy others and not you?

Relationship Status: it's complicated.
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