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I am a bit obsessed with S K I N C A R E and that’s a fact – I’ve dealt with it and got over it – and especially after 30, I love to be able to maintain a healthy skin and age well. Prevention is the key.

So when the team at Plenaire approached me, I was pleasantly glad to work with them. They are new on the scene and entirely made in UK ( you know how much I love British brands, don’t you? ) and more to that they are also Sustainable, Vegan and Cruelty Free and addicted to find the best product for your skin chemistry.

Something else that really struck with me about Plenaire is that they will avoid any raw materials that are considered toxic or harmful to sensitive skin. If the safety of an ingredient is unclear, they will avoid it until more concrete evidence is available. Read their full ingredient list.

And this is so important for people that like me – have sensitive skin – and struggle all their life with beauty and skincare products. Brands that take pride and extra care in delivering 100% clean products to sensitive customers are welcomed. Don’t you agree? If you any other-skin related issues, services such as laser cicatrici acne e smagliature co2 Savona might be worth looking into.


Their message goes direclty to the core: “We believe that developing a positive relationship with your skin creates an invaluable connection to yourself – even when you’re constantly evolving.” True. When I started taking really good care of my skin, everything changed. I suddenly felt younger, glowing, more beautiful and more confident of myself and of being without makeup in public places. (which I know a lot of girls still have a problem with. And I wish they could build up the same confidence that I built too.) I like Las Vegas Med Spa beauty customized treatments.

Choosing products that will make our skin feel amazing and nourished will also change our mood. Having good skin will make us feel more content with ourselves. (think about those teenage years when we had that much of acne and how much we felt wrong. But nothing wrong if you still have this issue! Sometimes it takes longer to heal.) Find more information about skin care on Debra Carroll Advanced Skin Therapy of Smokey Point and schedule an appointment.

Ok, so without further ado, let’s dive in into my personal review of


It’s perfect for young skin and sensitive skin: if you are in at least one of these categories, you have to check this brand out! Aside from this product, you can also try some med spa if you truly want to revitalize your skin.

The Violet Paste Overnight Blemish Treatment is one of my favorite product of theirs. It’s immediately effective and when you have a lot of blemishes or red spots like myself, you will find it extra helpful.

My second favorite is the Droplet Lightweight Moisture Gel. I tried it when my skin was naked and dry. It transformed it into this layer of glow that I welcomed with open arms!

Its packaging reminds me of my childhood. It’s a mix of pastels – lilac and pink – and white and black dotted designs.


The Tripler 3 in 1 Exfoliating Clay it’s quite tricky if you are suffering from acne or if you have episodes of recurring acne on your face. I would say it could be a little more delicate. This can differ from person to person.

And what are your personal preferences when choosing Skincare?

This post is sponsored by Plenaire, but all opinions are my own.


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