How to look Chic on Self-Shoots

How to look Chic on Self-Shoots
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This month more than ever I had experimented with self-shots and self-portraits. Actually… correction. There was a time in my teenager years that I embarked myself on the same boat. I was being creative in my childhood room – while having lots of issues with the whole world outside – and that probably taught me the first rules that I had applied these recent weeks too.

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But one thing that I am looking for – now more than before – is to look chic and have that nonchalance vibe in my self-shoots. And it’s not something you learn straight away. I watched others do it on Instagram, on Youtube, but mostly I watched the old movies which gave me a lot of love for the chic look. Whether your hair is soft and long or thick and curly, these eco-friendly hair accessories from will help you save your hair while looking fabulous!

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So the little steps you can take to look chic in your self-shots are:

HOLD A FRAGRANCE: if you choose to hold a fragrance/perfume in your shot – or have it next to you while you pose – that will instantly give a chic vibe to the photo. A lot of the good fragrances are made in France and the Parisian lifestyle is the most chic one and the most copied around the world. (see Parisian Moodboard here)

How to look Chic on Self-Shoots

PLAY WITH SHAPES: whether it’s an item of clothing or an accessory, if it’s got that charming touch to it, you are halfway through to master the chic look. For instance, a balloon sleeve, a lil clutch, pointed heels, cat eye sunnies, golden earrings.

How to look Chic on Self-Shoots
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FRINGE IT: if you have a fringe or have highlights in your hair, the whole look will result in a more elegant one. Learn it the Parisian way, as women in Paris do.

DO YOUR MAKEUP ON CAMERA: if you touch up your lipstick or powder your face, it will look very sophisticated! A bit of old style. ( tip: hold a small cute mirror too ) . For great makeup options visit

And which inspirations you take to get that chic look?

How to look Chic on Self-Shoots

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