How to Improve your Feed Aesthetically & Plan it Ahead

How to Improve your Feed Aesthetically & Plan it Ahead
How to Improve your Feed Aesthetically & Plan it Ahead

2020 it’s an year of changes. We know it, we acknowledge it. So we need to adapt to the social moments we share with others in the world. And we also have a need of more interactions through our socials. Now more than ever – when we have to distance ourselves from our neighbors and strangers – it’s crucial to build our relationships via Instagram. So our feeds really need to stand out, but also come together with others around us. We need more communities, more positivity, more words of kindness & comfort. So I am gonna show you how you can improve your feed & also how to plan it ahead, so you can connect better with others online! (you can also watch the video below)

IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF YOUR PHOTOS with cool filters that represent your personality and make sure that the resolution of your photos is high. (shop my filters)

FEED TRICK have a portrait photo, then a flatlay photo and then a full figure photo, so your audience won’t get bored looking at the whole picture ( your feed )

PLAN YOUR FEED AHEAD with the help of an app (I use The Grid which is free) and get inspired by all the possible resources around you ( online magazines, other content creators, books, movies etc) Make sure you create a “theme” and follow with it. (mine is editorial mixed with lifestyle essentially and I rotate the colors and black and whites)

SEE YOUR FEED AS A MAGAZINE SPREAD show a portrait, a flatlay or product photo and a full figure photo. Don’t just show a list of the same angled photos or your followers will get bored.

How to Improve your Feed Aesthetically & Plan it Ahead

CHECK WHAT’S TRENDING what are the current movements that people want to see and that want to talk about. Recently, it has been about posting real and raw unedited photos that shows yourself with less filters. Another trend (which I am following because I really like it. So finding something that is trending and that you also like, it’s the KEY!) it’s Parisian style aesthetics.

Don’t get tired of trying, you gotta hustle & try many times.

INVEST IN A CAMERA OR A BETTER PHONE for a good quality to your photos or videos. This will help your followers to get the professional feeling from your channels.

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GET INSPIRED from magazines, movies, books, other content creators, the world & people around you etc… it’s very important to get inspired to start with and then do your thing with all the inspirations you got. Make sure you are not like everyone else, but you also are something interesting and you bring something interesting to your followers.

Okay dreamers! Hope I got you inspired somehow! If you have any questions, drop them at or below! x Vanessa

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