How to understand the urge to refresh your Social Media apps? + Insta updates 2020

How to understand the urge to refresh your Social Media apps?

How to understand the urge to refresh your Social Media apps? + Insta updates 2020

I am fresh of watching “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix and I pondered to give you some considerations and extract some powerful informations from the documentary.

Interested? read on.

Without trying to hide this from you any further, here’s one of the major and secret point on Instagram explained in the documentary that I wanna share with you.


Tristan Harris, who was once employed as Google’s Design Ethicist, compared our phones to tiny pokie machines we carry with us everywhere. 

“We want them to take this action, we want them to keep doing this with their finger,” he explained, demonstrating how we drag down the screen on our phone to refresh social media and email apps. 

“You pull down and you refresh, it’s gonna be a new thing at the top. You pull down and refresh again, it’s new. Every single time. Which in psychology we call it a positive intermittent reinforcement,” added Joe Toscano, a former Experience Design Consultant at Google.

So you don’t know when you’re going to get it and you don’t know if you’re going to get it. Which operates just like the slot machines in Vegas,” further explained Harris. 

It’s not enough that you use the product consciously, I want to dig deep down into the brain stem and plant inside of you an unconscious habit, so you are being programmed at a deeper level. You don’t even realise it.”

“Every time you see it there on the counter and you know if you look over it might just have something for you, so you play that slot machine to see what you got. That’s not by accident, that’s a design technique.”  

Wow this is powerful. How we can be easily manipulated and not knowing about it until it’s kinda too late? Let’s take everything they say with a little bit less drama = it’s still an issue, right? (especially if you have been manipulated in real life too, then you know the feeling)

So much so that after closing my laptop after finishing the documentary, I didn’t look at my phone for quite a while.

The only reasonable thing we can do – and it’s a bit explained towards the ending of “Social Dilemma” – is being a bit more conscious. Conscious of our time on social media (please track it every day on your phone “Screen Time” and see how much time you spend on socials) Conscious of why we use social media. (I personally wanna do it as more as a job in my future, so I see it as a career. This is why, personally, I don’t refresh the news feed page that much.) Conscious of the people we love (think about it… what’s more important to you: talking face to face with someone you love and may need you now or looking at your phone at strangers’ photos?)

I think once we line those priorities in our minds, and we act and think a bit more strategically to our own benefit and also we do that intelligently, we will be a bit stronger in terms of knowing why we use social media, what are the things and people that hold most value for us (including ourselves, of course!) and the time we invest every day in those things.


Instagram is expanding its feed this month with the launch of “suggested posts.” These posts, from accounts you don’t follow, will show up after you’ve reached the end of your feed and give you the option to keep scrolling with Instagram’s suggestions. Up until now, the feed has been entirely determined by users’ preferences and the people they follow.

For the past couple of years, Instagram has shown users a message when they reach the end of their feeds, meaning they’ve seen every post over the past two days from people they follow. With suggested posts, they’ll have the option to keep scrolling past that marker for more content. (That message will still be there along with the option to revisit old posts. source The Verge

The suggested posts won’t be the same ones that show up in Explore. They’ll be related to the content that people already follow, whereas Explore aims to point people toward adjacent content, says Julian Gutman, head of product at Instagram Home. He used space content, which he follows and engages with on his feed regularly, as an example. A suggested post might be a new space photo from someone he doesn’t follow, whereas his Explore page might contain posts related to physics more broadly.

“I think for us this really came from a vision a couple years ago around people really seeing feed as a place for their interests, and with the improvement in machine learning and our ability to kind of make it easier for you to see some more of those posts that are on Instagram every day, and really bring that personalized relevance to you,” he says. “So we just want to make it really easy for people to see that [relevant content] when they get to the end of their feed. That’s really the motivation here, make it easier for you to go deeper on your interest.”

How to understand the urge to refresh your Social Media apps?


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