5 Ways to get the Perfect Smile

The perfect smile is something we all desire. According to The Invisalign Smile Survey, of 1000 American adults, 85% considered a person’s smile to be very important at the first meeting. A friendly smile is something we find attractive, but smiles overall are essential for connecting with others, making people feel comfortable and communicating something about how we take care of ourselves.  

Smiles are so important, so keep reading for tips on how to perfect yours… 

5 Ways to get the Perfect Smile
  1. Dental Hygiene is Key   

You’ve heard it all before but do your dentist a favour and get out that floss and interdental sticks. They’re saying it for a reason: it will help keep your gums healthy, freshen your breath, and remove stains around the gum line.  

It is also worth investing in some mouthwash and keeping up with regular visits to the hygienist. Most importantly, ensure you’re getting all the benefits of brushing at least twice daily. Ideally, you should brush after every meal to remove food and plaque buildup. 

  1. Prevention is the Best Solution.   

It is easier to keep your teeth white than whiten them afterwards. There are lots of foods that stain your teeth, so whilst this doesn’t mean you have to avoid them altogether, knowing what they are and brushing afterwards can help keep your smile sparkling. 

Black coffee, especially, can cause your teeth to yellow over time. But if you can’t give up your black americano’s, there are specific kinds of toothpaste designed for tea and coffee drinkers, as well as more general whitening toothpaste.  

You can also try a teeth whitening kit that will see quicker results over the course of the treatment, alongside more regular whitening products. 

  1. Cosmetic Dental Work   

Dental work is not just for people with teeth growing in awkward or uncomfortable angles. Dentists are commonly employed for cosmetic procedures now as well. But it’s no longer the thickly wired braces of your childhood. You can now get clear teeth aligners for adults. These are removable, discrete and comfortable. They are the perfect solution for those who may have worn their retainer less than they were supposed to. 

  1. Lipstick   

The are plenty of lipstick tricks to make your teeth look whiter instantly. One way is to use colour theory to balance out any yellow tones. Pick a lipstick with undertones of blue. A dark berry tone or many reds will help counteract the staining and make your teeth appear whiter.   

When picking lipstick, you can ask someone working at the store for advice to help you select the most flattering shade. 

  1. Own Your Smile   

In the words of famous children’s author Roald Dahl,    

“A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts it will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” – Roald Dahl, The Twits.  

The best teeth are those that are smiling, so flash out your largest toothy grin! 


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