4 Cute (and Sexy) Christmas Outfit Ideas To Up Your Holiday Party Style Game

4 Cute (and Sexy) Christmas Outfit Ideas To Up Your Holiday Party Style Game

Every year, the holiday season gives us the opportunity to dress up and party with friends and family. Still, it can also be hard to come up with cute outfit ideas that are festive enough without being boring or overdone. So I’ve rounded up 4 cute (and sexy) Christmas outfit ideas to help you stand out at your next holiday party! Whether you’re heading over to your partner’s parent’s house or bringing wine and cookies to the neighbours, these outfits will put you at the top of everyone’s holiday party guest list!

An attention-grabbing top

This year, skip the boring sweater and make a statement with an attention-grabbing top. If you’re feeling bold, opt for a corset top or an open back blouse paired with a high-waited pair of trousers or a long skirt. This will give you the opportunity to wear something sexy that shows off some skin without getting too cold. We all know that the festive season can feel a little chilly! 

Materials such as velvet or thin cashmere wool are fantastic options for a winter top, as you can wear something a little revealing while keeping the rest of your body warm. 


A decadent Christmas dress

Do you prefer a feminine dress? Dress to impress this holiday season with a sexy and tasteful party dress that will make you shine. A black, glittery, or red dress is a good choice for this event. Show off your legs in a short skirt, or go full out in a slinky number. Christmas party dresses are playful and full of bold statements, such as a bright colour palette or fancy textures. Now’s the best time to check for party outfits, especially as black Friday and cyber Monday sales are just around the corner!

4 Cute (and Sexy) Christmas Outfit Ideas To Up Your Holiday Party Style Game

Accent jewellery

Look for jewellery that will make an impression and help complete your outfit. 

If you’ve opted for a dress, an anklet is a great choice. 

Anklets are often overlooked as a jewellery choice, but they can be the perfect accent to an outfit. A simple and fun Vixen anklet can add a little flair when you walk. Anklets are also a fantastic option for those who may not want to wear heels but still want to showcase their legs. (hey comfort!)

Do you prefer a beautiful top and trousers or skirt outfit? Then enhance your top with a necklace. 

A long necklace is another way to accessorize a winter outfit without feeling like you’re wearing too much jewellery. You can even reverse the way you wear it if you have an open-back top, so you can highlight your back with a delicate necklace. For a cute corset top, a crystal or rhinestone choker can draw the eye to your figure. 

Temporary tattoo

Are you familiar with Inkbox, a company that specialises in temporary transfer tattoos? A temporary tattoo lasts between one and two weeks and can be a cute addition to your Christmas outfit. If you are wearing a dress, you could add a tattoo to your arm. Sleeves outfits can benefit from a seasonal tattoo on the shoulder or the upper arm. There are plenty of ways to inject some sexy vibes into your festive look. 

Are you ready to make the most of the Christmas season? These little additions can bring your outfit to the next level. 


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