Introverts using social media: do we feel comfortable? ft. Clubhouse

Introverts using social media: is it comfortable to be on it? ft. Clubhouse

Introverts using social media

This past week I had the chance to be introduce by a fellow influencer on Clubhouse. (for the ones of you who don’t know yet, Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio-chat social networking app for Iphone users)

I just heard about it a few days prior to my invitation and it seemed so interesting!

To me, it really is. Being an introvert on Social Media can be quite tricky. Especially, if your entire teenager years you’ve been “living in your own world” (and sometimes still are) and did not manage to communicate yourself quite well to anyone around you. (or almost anyone)

So, introverts using social media: do we feel comfortable?

Well, in a week I finally managed to get to speak in front of strangers but respectfully opinionated individuals. (maybe I am watching too much Dawson’s Creek these days and picked up a bit TOO much from it?!)


But, hear me out, I was sweating my palms off, I was so scared of speaking out loud!  In addition, my voice was kinda shaking, but I forced myself to try that out! And yeah, I felt liberated after. Now I am in the process of sorting my own “rooms” in Clubhouse. ( in case you wanna join me — introvert or extrovert as you may be — find me @anevgrung)

Clubhouse can help build contacts and relationships out of your comfort zone — same as other socials. So, for Introverts it’s a huge help towards find new acquaintances, collaborators and possible friends.

But the point here is…

Can introverts really make it on Social Media?

I started posting on my Instagram around six years ago and I remember how awkward I felt the first time my sister was taking pictures of me all cozied up in my winter outfit. (I even had a beanie covering half of my face, damn!)

Therefore, I must reveal a little secret here (if you follow me on IG stories, it’s no secret after all…) I am a Leo. Sometimes I do enjoy attention (read – NOT OFTEN) and now I actually don’t care that much of what strangers think of me. In fact when I received a hater email some time ago, it made me laugh out loud!

Having said that, you can not really say I am not included in the pure Introvert category. I am an introvert through and through. And I kinda made peace with it, to the point where I enjoy it and I now cherish what being an Introvert really means. (hello sunrises out of my window and hiding under my bed sheets while watching my favorite tv shows!)

Introverts using social media: is it comfortable to be on it? ft. Clubhouse

Am I really showing myself on Social Media?

I think if you stumble upon my Instagram feed — not knowing me personally — you won’t get the Introvert feeling at all. I get many messages telling me my feed is straight out of a magazine (my main goal while planning it! so thank you to all who said that!) and it’s so editorial and perfect.

Yes, I do plan a lot. So much so that I think my Unfold app really hates me, but I really like it to be professional. (after all, Social Media got me many jobs while I was living in London. And I could not make it out of coffee shops applications, if I wouldn’t have started it in the first place)

So, now what?

Now that my feed got to the point of being exchanged for a magazine, I can show a little more of my imperfection and my introversion to my followers and readers. Now, I am showing myself wearing glasses more on stories and soon on my feed, which years ago would be a NO-NO. And I am showing myself more vulnerable and sensitive as I am on my everyday.

I always felt the loser at school and throughout my life and even though I still feel like it a little bit, I am glad to be the way I am. I am different from most people I have ever met. This makes the time with myself more interesting and rewarding and in some ways satisfying. (enjoying your own company can really be!)

Introverts using social media: is it comfortable to be on it? ft. Clubhouse

Yes, I am glad I opened my Instagram that day, many years ago and I am glad I am now on Clubhouse. I feel I wanna reach out and find more people like me, but if I don’t I can still be myself and be happy about it.

But having said that, if you’re at the point where you don’t feel comfortable being on Social Media or open any Social accounts, that should be 100% right anyway.

We are not all supposed to be on Social Media.

If your introversion makes you wanna get away from this Social world, and you feel fine about it, there’s nothing wrong.

If – at some point in my life – I will feel like this, I won’t regret any decision. Not the one that made me wanna open my Social Media accounts and certainly not the one that could make me wanna close it or take a long break from it.

Can Introverts be comfortable on Social Media? ft. Clubhouse

Introverts using social media: is it comfortable to be on it? ft. Clubhouse
What are your thoughts on it? You can also reach me @anevgrung on all Socials.

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own, however it does includes pr products:

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