Dreamers Magazine Interviews Frenzine

Frenzine a.k.a Francesca‘s unique presence is definitely heart-warming and her introspective take on life and inspirations is modern yet sensitive. Read on to learn more about her…

What are the main inspirations behind your style and your Instagram feed?

I think the human mind is so beautiful and it works in very mysterious ways. I find inspiration from anything I read, see and experience. I then unconsciously decode all the inputs I receive into photos. This sounds like a scientific explanation but I feel like it is the most appropriate, as the decoding process is very personal and intimate for me. 

I am also hypersensitive to sounds and lights, as well as very vivid colors. I am trying to get better by forcing myself to accept the chaotic, loud and bright side of the world; However my Instagram feed reflects my need to “relax” my mind after a long day of being exposed to sensory overload. In general, I find neutral colors very easy on the eyes and I surround myself with things that might not cause me any more headaches both at home and in life. I find nature mesmerizing and inspiring – even when aggressive it still is a muse to me.

When it comes to style I am inspired by timeless pieces in natural fabrics like linen and cotton. I pay a lot of attention to how much I own as I like to have a minimal closet with a few pieces I can wear in any situation and still be confident and comfortable. 

I especially like fashion inspired by architecture, I find it to be a cool mix when done right.

Dreamers Magazine Interviews Frenzine

What books and magazines do you read?

For books, I am fond of introspective, first person narrator mystery novels. I like to feel what the narrator/main character is feeling and slowly discover with them how the plot unfolds. It reminds me reality can be twisted, interpreted in a different way and it is absolutely not objective as sometimes it heavily depends on a person’s point of view.

For magazines I usually read Cereal, Kinfolk and many other niche ones.

 What are the first things you do after waking up?

I usually have my coffee, do some yoga or stretching if I have time, shower and proceed to plan the day ahead before heading to work.

And the last things before putting your head to sleep?

 I do my nightly skincare routine and read a book in bed until I feel drowsy.

What dreams are most recurring to you?

To say my dreams are cinematic, vivid and hyper detailed is an understatement! I frequently dream of flying over a vast sand dune at sunset, admiring every shape forming right under my eyes. It is so very beautiful. This recurring dream is also one of the many factors that inspired my art series called “Dunes”.

What are your biggest goals in life?

I have so many and I usually do not like talking about them. One of my goals (more like a wish) is to be surrounded by like-minded, kind people who share the same values as mine.

If you were to be born in another moment in time, which one would it be?

I would love to experience living in the far future. Hopefully we’ll manage to live fully sustainably and eliminate inequalities.

Do you have a favorite fragrance and why?

I love Le Labo fragrances, which one is a secret! 

What is your skincare ritual?

On normal days I use a moisturizing alcohol-free toner and a nourishing cream with SPF in the morning. At night I usually double cleanse and follow up with toner, essence or serum, a night cream massage and eye cream. On weekends I go full on spa when I have the time and try different masks and treatments!

10. Fashion staples in your wardrobe?

I found super useful having a few tailored blazers and trousers as they look sleek in most situations. I frequently find myself having to leave the office for an unexpected business dinner or event, and I normally do not have time to go back home to change, so these staples are definitely very versatile for me. I can also easily wear sneakers and a t-shirt to make the whole outfit look less formal if needed. 

Another must-have for me are cozy oversized sweaters and trench coats, which I am obsessed with! 

Do you shop vintage, sustainable, vegan?

I definitely do, but I tend to avoid shopping too much in the first place. So unless I love a piece that I think is timeless and would last a long time, I try not to shop at all. 

What is the best thing to do on a Sunday?

On Sundays I relax, read a book and usually take it slow.

Your dream city to live in?

I don’t have a specific one, I currently live and work in Milan and I love it here. However, I’d like to spend some time in different cities like Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tokyo and ultimately Iceland would be my go-to retirement country for sure!

Dreamers Magazine Interviews Frenzine

What are your favorite hobbies that you could do any day?

Lately I am so much into pottery, it takes my mind off things and I can take my creations home with me!

What could make you a better human?

I tend to always count on myself and never ask for help even when I really need it – just recently someone close to me noticed this and told me I should depend on people around me more. Apparently it would also make them feel needed, dependable and trustworthy, so I am taking their advice!

The best songs in your dream playlist? 

Anything soul/blues that sounds relaxing. Anything by James Blake as well.

17. Which celebrities would you go for a coffee with?

I’d go with Olafur Eliasson if I had the chance, he is not a celebrity I guess but he is a very recognized artist and sounds like a fun guy to talk to.

18. What is next to buy on your wishlist? 

A recycled cashmere scarf for the colder months ahead!

19. What does a heart of gold human being does (in your opinion)?

Avoid being judgmental of everything and everybody.

20. What are the best traits to the personality?

I get along well with calm and soft spoken people, but I think all personalities are unique and it is always fun to get to know new people. 

Dreamers Magazine Interviews Frenzine

Follow Frenzine on her socials: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/frenzine/ Website: http://frenzine.com/

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